What Qualities Do You Need to be an Entrepreneur – Part 2

In part one of this blog of what qualities you need to be an entrepreneur, we looked at skills, such as risk assessment and motivation. In this second part we will look at other traits that a budding entrepreneur will need, including decisiveness and flexibility.


A quality that is hard to evaluate and is something that not everybody has is vision. All the leading business people in the world have this quality, and it is what separates the top entrepreneurs from the also-rans. Having vision will enable you to recognize an opportunity when others cannot see its potential, it will give you an advantage over lesser mortals. Vision can enable you to act first, and to seize the day before anybody else even moves.


Every top entrepreneur will be highly motivated and driven, there is nobody else to captain the ship., so you have to make the decisions and impel the boat forward. To be a good CEO you have to have the tenacity and drive to get things done and show an example to others.



Business can be a complicated matter, what may start out as a simple idea can change quickly. There are a great deal of unknowns running a business and you have to be flexible enough to face whatever comes your way and defeat it. Problems may only concern certain aspects of your business, as an entrepreneur you must see past the obvious and see the bigger picture.  One way of achieving this is to set goals, and ensure you action these goals. This will keep you focused on what you want to achieve in the long term and not get bogged down in the interim. To have great flexibility you must also be open minded, be able to look at alternatives and act upon them. Perhaps go down the route a little less trodden to get what you want.


Every entrepreneur worth their salt makes decisions, whether they be correct or not you must have the ability to decide what you want to do and act appropriately. There is no room in the boardroom for indecisiveness or procrastination. Only delays and lost opportunities come with indecision, a good leader should have the courage of his own decisions and act upon them. Many times, choices can be wrong, but often not making a decision brings out an even worse scenario. A good entrepreneur can make snap decisions and lead the business assertively, that way the rest of the employees know where they stand and in what direction the business is going in. Indecisiveness will only lead to confusion and that can be fatal in running a business.

Our blog ends on this note, we have detailed some of the qualities and traits an entrepreneur or commander-in-chief must have to go it alone. Some of these qualities can be learned and adopted, some come with birth and are either natural or not.

If these traits seem alien to you, then it is probably best that you remain an employee and be instructed how you go about your work. But if you want something more in life, then you had better assess the risks.