What Qualities Do You Need to Be an Entrepreneur – Part 1

Some people are born to be an entrepreneur, and for others the decision comes slightly later in life. If you have ever thought of striking out on your own, then you will definitely need certain personality strengths. If you fancy running your own company, it is an exciting challenge and can be rewarding both in monetary terms and by the satisfaction of seeing your empire grow and succeed. In this blog we look at some of the personality traits that you must have to succeed as an entrepreneur.



Being your own boss will take motivation, there is no other boss to keep you and your staff motivated. Being an entrepreneur, you will have to stay motivated to drive your company forward, and this must be in bad as well as good times. Can you stay motivated? Can you recover from setbacks quickly? If you can answer in the affirmative to both questions, then you there is a good chance that your self-motivation is of a high enough level to drive you and your company to success.


Most entrepreneurs are highly creative people, they see opportunities and grasp them with open arms. They are able to take a concept and develop it into a successful business, also look for new ideas to promote their service.


Most entrepreneurs also have to be versatile in their business, when starting out on your own there will no other colleagues to provide support. You will need to be able to do everything yourself, and learn new skills that will include book keeping. Half of this will be mental, are you up to the job? Can you possibly do these things? Your versatility can come as you are learning new skills, just keep positive about it all.

Business Skills

No business can succeed without the CEO at the helm have the correct business skills. These core skills cannot be under estimated. Good entrepreneurs are able to know all the internal systems that are essential for running a business. Good entrepreneurs rely on being business savvy, using their business acumen and contacts. You have to ensure that your skills are good enough, can you stand up to the plate when required?

Handling Risk

Handling Risk

Starting out on your own and becoming an entrepreneur will require yet another skill, and that is risk assessment. Every business carries some form of risk, and it is critical that you can assess that risk and evaluate it. The second part of handling risk once you have assessed it, is if you are capable of reducing that risk. There are ways and means of reducing business risks, one is by doing the proper research on whatever the focal point is. You can research markets, business concepts and industry information as well as everything about consumers or potential customers. Then you can go one step further and test your idea on a very small scale first, before deciding to progress with it.

Handling risk is a big part of operating a business yourself, in part two of this blog we look at more qualities you will need to be a successful entrepreneur.