The World’s Most Influential Entrepreneurs – Part 2

In part two of our blog to discover some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs we look at even more successful businessmen who have taken opportunities and grasped them to shake the world and help form society as we know it today.

Thomas Edison

No list about entrepreneurs would be complete without the great Thomas Edison who as well as being a gifted inventor was also a fantastic businessman. Edison gained his success through sheer persistence to succeed. Edison was ill for most of his youth and was a poor child, and after an ear infection he became deaf in one ear, this was followed by a bout of scarlet fever, and the sickly Edison nearly died. Thomas Edison’s first job was as a telegraph operator, then his inventive side took over and he created thousands of inventions, more failed than succeeded.

Taking his experience in the Telegraph office he wanted the transmitter to work better and in a more efficient way. An idea dawned on him that when a tape was played fast it sounded like spoken words. He took this idea and recorded the first voice message, and this led, as we know, to greater things. Some of Edison’s inventions are still used today, and if one of his traits had to be highlighted it would be his persistence.

Bill Gates

Today Bill Gates is probably one of the most recognized names on the planet, and indeed he is the second richest man in the world. He studied at Harvard University and met one of the most influential people in his life, Steve Ballmer who is today the CEO of Microsoft. Bill spent a lot of his student days looking after the university’s computer systems, and although technically he did drop out of university, it was with the intention of starting his own business. It was a momentous risk to leave Harvard but as it turned out it was a correct decision.

Over the years Bill worked closely with top specialists in the computer and software world and learned many things from them. He also learned the art of negotiating with large corporations for funding projects and his skills as an entrepreneur where not limited to just computer coding. Today Microsoft is the leading company in computer technology and is the largest ITT firm in the world. Gates has an estimated personal wealth of around $53 million, although Microsoft is valued at over $60 billion.

Ariana Huffington

Ariana was born in Greece and has got to be one of the greatest names in today’s blogging world. She is also a successful author and has written biographies on Maria Callas and Pablo Picasso. Her husband’s political career led Ariana to start The Huffington and the website is a highly successful information site for business, politics, lifestyle, environmental issues and some media news. Ariana realized that is the site could be localized and feature news of certain locations it would be even more influential.

The Huffington Post has never looked back, local versions are now based all over the world and the site has won many awards such as the People’s Voice Award in the 2010 Webby Awards. In our third edition of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world we continue to applaud more great careers.