The World’s Best Business Innovations

People have been bartering, buying and selling since caveman days, when an ax may have been traded for a nice saber-tooth tiger’s skin. But as man progressed and trading became more sophisticated different kinds of trading evolved. Add to the mix new innovations of the time, and trading became a whole new ball game. In this blog we look at some of the innovations that rocked the world.


For the first million years of so, people had to drag their wares around with them to be able to trade, okay if it was a jewel or something small, but not very convenient if it was a stone boulder. In 3,000 BC the first money was used, which allowed a far easier way of getting goods, this also made it possible to buy big quantities.


Because large quantities of goods were now able to be purchased, a way of adding up and keeping track of the money was by the early form of the calculator. The Abacus was invented around 2,700 BC by the Sumerians but it was perfected in China.


As trade started to cross boundaries and borders, then it was highly useful that traders could both deposit and withdraw their money from secure institutions around the world. The first traders that used this system were the Knights Templar, which enabled them to buy provisions and weapons on their long crusades.

The Typewriter

The typewriter was the first machine that dispensed with handwriting, this both speeded up written communication and made it legible. The first typewriters were around about for one hundred and fifty years before they became popular.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph was the first form of long distance communication, it could instantly transmit messages over vast distances, prior to these messages were sent by train or horse. Before the invention of the telegraph, it used to take at least ten days to send a message from one coast of America to the other.

The Programmable Computer

In 1837 a futuristic device changed the world forever, it was Charles Babbage’s first programmable computer, this was the forerunner of every computable device that the world has today.

The Credit/Debit Card

The idea for such a card first appeared in the novel, Looking Backward that was written in 1887. This breakthrough idea of a cashless society was not implemented until 1921 when the Western Union company began using charge cards.

The Mobile Phone

Until the mobile phone, people on the move could not be contacted, and the invention of mobile phone made people contactable 24/7 which bought tremendous advantages. Without the mobile phone the internet would never have been so successful.

The Internet

The internet is the world’s gateway to information and communication, and has been cited as the most important invention ever. It has bought the whole world close together and any kind of business or individual can use it for free. These inventions were all at their time ground breaking, without one possibly none of the others would have ever been invented. They follow a logical progression, but were never designed to rely on each other.