The Best Ever Business Ideas – Part 2

Welcome to part two of our best ever business ideas, we look at some of the most skilful entrepreneurs in America who have come up with original ideas and turned them into successful businesses. To come up with the idea in the first place is just the start of their long journey into business, dedication and hard work is then required to turn their dreams into reality. In this edition we delve into the brewing, fashion and haulier businesses.

Two Men and a Truck

Competition is fierce in the haulier business, so Mary Ellen Sheets was extremely brave entering a fiercely competitive male orientated market. Her idea was to literally haul trash, her two sons Brig and Jon began by having one truck and doing small jobs for neighbours. The two boys returned to college, but Mary’s service was still in demand, so she hired two men and purchased a second truck, then she quit her job to run the business. A second idea came to her, and that was to franchise the now highly in demand business. Now Two Men and a Truck is represented in 34 states around America, with 224 locations. The business is now run by Brig, and turnover last year was $220 million.

Life Is Good

Two brothers from Boston, John and Bert Jacobs had a small cottage industry designing T-shirts and selling them around college campuses in 1989. Then the logo of Jake came to mind and the motto Life is Good. Their simple idea of optimism and hope was immediately accepted at local markets and large retailers became interested in the new fashion range. The logo and motto has now spread to coffee cups, towels and really every idea they can dream up. The brothers have made a success of their simple idea and in 2011 revenue was around $100 million.

Boston Beer Company

Coming from a long line of brewers it was natural that Jim Koch should want to stay in the beer trade, he took the unusual step of leaving the family business as he saw that the beer market was being taken over by a few major brewing corporations and the competition was unfair. Jim saw the beginnings of the growth in craft beer, so unearthing old beer recipes from the family vault he started brewing in his own kitchen. When he had finally perfected Adams Boston Beer Lager, he set about calling at every bar and tavern in Boston trying to sell it. Today the company has 30 different types of beer and is the largest craft brewer in the USA. All the beers are still made from 100% natural ingredients, and brewed in traditional fashion. The Boston Beer Company has accumulated so many awards and accolades for its beer, today it is the most recognized craft brewer in the world and amassed $515 million sales in 2011.

These three completely unrelated businesses demonstrate that if your business idea is good enough and you are prepared to graft to achieve success, then almost any market or industry can be financially rewarding. So never give up on a dream, pursue your ideas and you never know what may be at the end of the rainbow.