Small Businesses to Make Money – Startup Ideas

Are you looking for a different job, profession, or career that you could excel at? Do you love your job but is looking for business ideas that could supplement your income? With the right skills and resources, any one of these small business ideas may be the right fit for you.

Offering your Professional Services

If you have excellent knowledge and skills set on a particular niche and extra time in your hands daily, a small business that you could start with is by offering your professional services. Whether you are freelancing online or affiliated as a part-time member of a corporation, there are several expert services that you can offer. 

Finance – Bookkeeping and Taxes

Being good at math and numbers may give you a lucrative, new business opportunity by offering up your service in bookkeeping and tax preparation. Because of the complications and effort needed to do this task, this could be a niche for you to help others with their taxes, be a part-time accountant for their business, or manage their daily finances.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer

Do you have experience working at a gym or you find working out, exercising, and going to the gym as your favorite hobby? Having an interest in physical fitness and having a knack for developing diet and fitness plans can lead you to the business of being a personal trainer.

Various Repair Services

Repair services can also be an option for your new small business, especially if you are good with your hands. If you are an engineer or a technician working in a company or a factory with extra time in your hands, maybe you can start your own repair service business that is available at night or during weekends.

Consulting in Legal and Marketing Matters

Having expertise in legal matters or marketing and advertising can also be an excellent resource in starting your own small business. This knowledge and skill can be profitable by giving people or other small companies advice as a consultant. 

Careers in Home Maintenance

Doing housework can be more than just practical or enjoyable; it could also be profitable. Whether you are by yourself or if you have a team of friends who have the same passion for home care, you can start a small home maintenance business. You can offer services like house sitting where you take care of the home of other people while they are away on vacation or business. There is also the classic home cleaning services where you can offer cleaning services of the interior of houses. If you have a green thumb or loves the outdoors, you can be a gardener for hire for people who have gardens that they cannot take care of by themselves. 

Home-Based Business Opportunities

The advent of the internet and social media has made it possible for brand new online businesses and jobs to come into existence. Most of them could be done in the comfort of your own home. There are also several freelancing platforms that can help with this.

Web Design and Logo Design

Web Design
Web Design

Artists and computer savvy individuals can take advantage of projects that they could do in the comfort of their own home. A job that is of high demand currently in this digital age is web and logo design. Many companies and businesses have followed the trend of consumers to be needing websites that could give customers information or have them quickly buy their products online.

Online Teaching and Tutoring

If you like teaching or sharing your knowledge with others, online education and tutoring are also popular. The most common kinds include teaching English to foreigners who are learning it as their second language.