Simple Business Ideas to Make Money – Part 2

In part two of simple business ideas to make money, we explore more jobs that you can either do remotely or from home. These services you can offer are often what you used in your past career, or they could be completely new skills that you have acquired. Either way, many of these business ideas are extremely low cost to start up and although they may well need a lot of development at first you can definitely reap the rewards later.


If you have a skill or talent in a particular field and can write about it in an erudite way, then starting your own blog can be a really lucrative pastime. It does not matter what your chosen topic is, travel or perhaps fashion, whatever it is it has to be interesting to the reader. At first blogging is no more than a hobby, but if you persevere and write clearly, emotionally and most of all of interest, then you will get followers. Once your blog starts to attract readers you can approach associated companies either to advertise directly or be linked to your blog. Say your blog is all about photography and how to take the best images, then you could offer to write reviews about cameras or any associated photographic products.

Website Developer

To offer your services as a website developer you must be qualified before you go looking for business. Once you have achieved the necessary qualifications then the world is your oyster. Every type of business must have a website this day and age, and if they already have one there is always additional work to be done on the site. Learn how to use themes and software such as WordPress, you can always expand from this platform. Offer to add to existing sites extras such as, product pages, point of sale shopping carts, blogs, image galleries etc. And soon you can add reference sites to your portfolio to show other clients.

Domain Name Buyer

Savvy entrepreneurs have found out that by identifying great domain names for websites and purchasing them can be a very lucrative business. Although you will need some funds behind you for your speculation, buying domain names can be a valid way of generating revenue. Start by selecting names that have obvious connotations with well-established types of businesses.

Three tips to do this are:

  • Learn all about SEO and optimization of keywords
  • Identify domain names that could be profitable
  • Look for domain names that are catchy and instantly memorable

Flipping Websites

In a way flipping websites is a similar to buying domain names in the way that the business idea operates. It requires speculation and a financial backup, as you look to buy existing and often poorly performing websites. Once purchased you then set out to improve them and making them perform better. This could be content orientated or even with SEO in mind, once the website is improved you can then look to sell it. Obviously, a great deal of knowledge and skill regarding websites is needed for you to turn it around.

These great job ideas mostly can be got off the ground with very little capital, they will however definitely need skill and dedication to make them into a success.