Simple Business Ideas to Make Money – Part 1


Trying to start a new business from scratch can be extremely hard, and for many young entrepreneurs it all is too much. There are so many factors that can influence a business to either succeed or fail. A good idea is just not enough, there has to be an effective business plan and determination to make the business succeed. Having said all that, it is relatively easy to set up an effective business without having substantial funds behind you, in this blog we look at a few ideas that are cheap to get off the ground.

Virtual Assistant

In this day and age of outsourcing labour, there are many office-type jobs you can now do in the comfort of your own home. One such job is a virtual assistant, and this kind of job can be extremely well paid. Experience is normally the key factor here, if you have held a position of a PA in an office before then you probably will already have the skills to fulfil this role. This type of job needs excellent organizational skills and great personal qualities as well.

Digital Marketing

A great work from home job, is looking after a company’s digital marketing and is a great remote role as only a little direct communication is needed on a regular basis. You must however have all the skills and can demonstrate you are able to carry out such work. A successful candidate will be well rewarded, so if you are not qualified you will have to enrol on a course either online or at a local technical college. Companies are always looking for outsource marketers who can provide SEO and PPC friendly marketing. The aim is to build up visitors on their website who will eventually become customers. Other services you can offer would be to look after their site content, providing Meta Descriptions, Tags and Categories and relevant images and Alt Tags.

Social Media Consultant

Everybody loves Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and these Social Media platforms can be applied as part of a business marketing plan. It is a trend that is ever growing, and social media is ideal for hospitality type marketing as well as a plethora of other industries. You may think you already know all about social media, but to pursue a career in the industry you will need to take an online course with Twitter and Google to get accredited. The professional qualifications will be part of a strong portfolio you must present to potential clients.

Tester or Reviewer

New and start-up companies often look for third party sources to test and review their products, the reasoning behind this is twofold, firstly the company needs to know does their product actually work. And secondly a third-party review is a great marketing tool. You can try at first approaching firms direct, offering them reviews in return for cash. If you have your own blog and website this may be an easier route, as you can offer to write lengthy favourable posts about their products.

These jobs cost relatively little money to set up and can offer great monetary rewards, in part two of simple business ideas to make money we look at, secretarial services, website developers and bloggers.