Remedies for Entrepreneur Burnout and How to Prevent it


Burnout is simply when you break down physically and mentally due to being overworked and stressed out. Burnout is more likely to happen to entrepreneurs because we are so overworked and all of the work is on us. Because us, entrepreneurs, are so passionate about our work, we sometimes tend to ignore the fact that we are putting in extra long hours, taking on heavy workloads, and constantly pushing ourselves to do more. This makes us more susceptible to burnout. Burnout can happen to anyone, even people who thoroughly enjoy their work. Burnout can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, feelings of being less than, and can have negative effects on your health.

Stress, lack of energy, and depression are all symptoms of burnout

Because there is a thin line between heavy stress and burnout, it can sometimes be hard to identify burnout. Some symptoms may include unusual high levels of stress, lack of energy, insomnia, forgetfulness, feeling unmotivated, depression, and loss of appetite, just to name a few. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you could be experiencing burnout related to being overworked. Burnout doesn’t just go away like the flu, and it is up to you to do something before things get worse. Here are several remedies for entrepreneur burnout.

Start Meditating

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and has been proven to reduce stress and increase your focus. Meditating regularly for just ten minutes everyday will gradually rewire your brain so that you are able to focus more on your tasks. Most successful entrepreneurs enjoy meditating and do so first thing in the morning to get their day started. This is a good idea because it sets the tone for the rest of your day and no matter what obstacles may occur, you started your day on the right foot.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Meditation, picking up a new hobby, and taking more breaks are all ways to help with burnout

Picking up a new hobby or taking part in fun activities can be great ways to take your mind off of your work and allow you to relax. Hobbies can be anything from cooking, gardening, golfing, dancing, visiting museums, etc. When choosing a new hobby, it is important to choose something that you’re going to find fun and challenging, but most importantly, something to take your mind off of work.

Start Saying No

Believe it or not, the word no is a full sentence. It doesn’t require any explanation or reasoning behind it. You can start saying no to any new responsibilities or commitments that come your way in an effort to keep your sanity and save yourself more stress. Yes, it may be challenging at first, but think about your health. You can’t afford to bite off more than you can chew.

Take More Breaks

You may have a tendency to push through your work during the day without taking any time for yourself to recharge. Stop doing this. It’s important for your mental and physical health to set back and take a break every once in awhile. A break could be as simple as getting up and walking back and forth in front of your computer, using the restroom, or grabbing something to eat or drink. Since entrepreneurs work from home most of the time, it is very common to forget to take a break and just relax for a little. It is crucial to take a break at least once every hour and a half to two hours.

How to Prevent Burnout

There are several small changes that you can implement into your daily routine immediately to prevent burnout from ruining your life. Figure out which issues are affecting you and work on trying to correct those first. For example, if you are experiencing lack of energy, you could try exercising and getting more rest. If you know that you eat most of your meals in front of your computer, try eating at the dining room table or going out for dinner sometimes. If you are overworked and haven’t taken a vacation in years, why not go on a much needed getaway?

Plan a vacation and unplug from everything

Plan a vacation and unplug from everything to just really focus on yourself. You must have time away from work to tend for self care. You can’t pour from an empty cup. It is most important to take care of yourself so that you can do your best work, because if you’re not feeling your best, you’re no good. As an entrepreneur, it is important to understand that work will always be there, so make sure you’re exercising healthy work habits to avoid burnout.

It is not uncommon to feel the effects of entrepreneur burnout. Personally, I’ve felt this way quite often. Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated, depressed, and tired, I know that it is time for me to step away from work so that I can recharge. My favorite ways of recharging include doing Hot Yoga, getting together with family and friends, and only using my computer for leisure activities such as playing at plarium or sky casino. This really allows me to wind down, focus on me, and take my mind off of work. All entrepreneurs should practice these remedies when not feeling at their best to avoid burnout. You cannot manage your life or business if you’re not managing your physical or emotional health.