Keeping Your Brand Image Intact – Strategies for Startups


All the big brands in the world are the result of hard work, values, and innovation. The brands that people envy today also started as small businesses, making their way to the top in the meantime. The thing about branding is that it takes years to build a brand, but one incident can dent your brand’s name forever. There are many examples of several big brands losing the trust of their customers because of one unfortunate incident. You cannot foresee everything when it comes to business. The best of business strategists can’t proof your brand’s image once it is dented.

What makes a company a brand

To get a sense of how to keep your brand image intact, you should know what makes a brand. It’s the trust of the customers on your product that contributes to the image of a brand. The second thing is the consistency of your quality over the years. When a person enters the showroom of a brand, he’s not bothered about quality, but he’s worried about choice. The comfort that a customer feels with a brand is the base of any big brand. If you look at the biggest brands in the world like Apple, Microsoft, Ferrari, Nike, and others, you will find the assurance of getting the best product is always a given with these brands.

Every prominent brand has its uniqueness, be it Apple or Tesla. When you listen to the name of a brand, you associate something extraordinary with it. Some clothes brands are known for keeping it classy and simple, while some others are famous for their funkiness. All these brands get their uniqueness from the top leaders of the company. Steve Jobs provided Apple with the next-generation technology and style, and the company is holding to this uniqueness till now. Whenever a product of Apple is launched, people wait in anticipation of what new features the company is going to come up with this time. So, every brand needs a distinct identity to establish itself as a big brand.

Diverse workforce

Diversity in your workforce is another essential part of establishing your business as a brand. Variety in every sector, be it gender diversity, mental diversity, or cultural diversity. Having people from different backgrounds working with you can help you with understanding the mentality of different sets of customers. A very one-dimensional workforce isn’t going to give you the desired growth. A company needs different types of minds working together to grow continually. Sometimes out of the box mentality can come up with new ideas, and at other times consistent and focused mindset does the job.

Free environment

Every company needs a working environment in which everybody can speak their minds with you. There should be enough security in your colleagues’ that they can tell you their ideas freely. A company is never too big to go down. You always need new ideas to keep going in the ever-changing world. When a person is free to speak and do whatever he thinks is right, he becomes more than just an employee who is working for a paycheck.