Simple Business Ideas to Make Money – Part 1


Trying to start a new business from scratch can be extremely hard, and for many young entrepreneurs it all is too much. There are so many factors that can influence a business to either succeed or fail. A good idea is just not enough, there has to be an effective business plan and determination to […]

The Best Ever Business Ideas – Part 2


Welcome to part two of our best ever business ideas, we look at some of the most skilful entrepreneurs in America who have come up with original ideas and turned them into successful businesses. To come up with the idea in the first place is just the start of their long journey into business, dedication […]

The Best Ever Business Ideas – Part 1


Some people say the best ideas are the simplest ones, and that is often the case. However, is it also relevant in business, can really simple ideas make a profitable business? In this blog we look at simple ideas that ended up making millions of dollars, making a business pitch about your ideas to possible […]

The Different Types of Businesses


If you are fed up working for somebody else, then you may be looking to start your own business, and if you have you considered the different types of business that are available? In this blog we look at some of the options that are open to young new entrepreneurs, and we start with the […]

How to Get Funding for a New Invention


If you have just thought of a new invention that could revolutionize the world as much as Babbage’s programmable computer, but have come to a hiatus because of funding you might find some of the ideas in this blog beneficial. We look at ways and means of raising capital, to take your brilliant idea or […]

The World’s Best Business Innovations

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People have been bartering, buying and selling since caveman days, when an ax may have been traded for a nice saber-tooth tiger’s skin. But as man progressed and trading became more sophisticated different kinds of trading evolved. Add to the mix new innovations of the time, and trading became a whole new ball game. In […]

The World’s Youngest Entrepreneurs


Everybody from time to time thinks back to their schooldays and their choice of job or occupation, some people look back and are contented with their choice, but for many others it is a case of what if? Having the courage to go down a precarious route of becoming a young entrepreneur is indeed very […]