The Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Steve Jobs attends a press conference in central London, 18 September 2007. Apple announced here Tuesday that Britain would be the first European country to get its much-vaunted iPhone, when mobile phone operator O2 launches the gadget on November 9. Apple chief Steve Jobs told a London press conference that O2, owned by Spain's Telefonica, has won an exclusive contract to distribute the iPhone in Britain for "cultural," rather than economic, reasons. He said the iPhone would retail in Britain at 269 pounds (387 euros, 536 dollars). AFP PHOTO/SHAUN CURRY (Photo credit should read SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Successful entrepreneurs are businessmen who are prepared to take risks to get to the very top. But although risk taking is an important part of being successful in business it is far from being the only factor. Many entrepreneurs have common traits that have led to their success and in this blog, we discover some […]

How to Build a Successful Business

If you wish to start your own business empire and break away from your present employment there are certain disciplines that you must have. Having a great idea is the first step, and it is crucial that you truly believe in what you are about to venture into. If you enter into something half-heartedly then […]

Simple Business Ideas to Make Money – Part 1


Trying to start a new business from scratch can be extremely hard, and for many young entrepreneurs it all is too much. There are so many factors that can influence a business to either succeed or fail. A good idea is just not enough, there has to be an effective business plan and determination to […]

The Best Ever Business Ideas – Part 2


Welcome to part two of our best ever business ideas, we look at some of the most skilful entrepreneurs in America who have come up with original ideas and turned them into successful businesses. To come up with the idea in the first place is just the start of their long journey into business, dedication […]